About Us

Bridgeview Partners identifies and funds business opportunities in the global health and education sectors. Since 2001, our principals have been responsible for founding and funding a range of companies, joint ventures, and global initiatives within these industries. Among the team are individuals from a variety of backgrounds with a singular dedication to putting ideas into practice, devoting both money and time to our chosen ventures.

With offices in the United States and Europe, we are a global firm with industry-leading¬† experience, in-depth sector knowledge, and a passion for creating and growing businesses. We often work in partnership with global institutions and organizations, giving us both reach as well as the potential to tap into an worldwide network of proven business builders. We recognize that the only constant in today’s world and business environment is that evolution and change occur continuously, and that increasingly the best approach is increasingly a collaborative and international one.

Bridgeview Partners is committed to imbuing our companies and relationships with a foundation built upon sound business principles, a frank way of dealing with people, and a devotion to the belief that the underpinning of any successful business venture consists of always treating customers and partners in an ethical and honest manner. We invite you to contact us to learn more, or in order to discuss potentially working with us on current and future initiatives.